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University spirit

The vocation to learn and to change the world

A university involves knowledge, research, and knowledge transfer. However, we aspire to more.
We are people who dedicate our time and effort to learning in order to change the world. You can see this ambition in UIC Barcelona activities. It is in our DNA.

Have the university experience you always dreamed of

Placing each student at the heart of everything means that you are the protagonist in UIC Barcelona.

This is our commitment to you, reflected by individual attention, small class groups, a friendly teaching body, supportive services, and everything you need to improve your skills.

Building bridges to professional reality

We are connected to society and to companies. Classes are practiced and taught by active professionals. They are complemented by a work placement program. For all these reasons, UIC Barcelona has one of the best employability rates in the Catalan university system.

In Barcelona and in connection with the world

Multicultural Barcelona provides an overarching background of talent and knowledge.
We also have international agreements and exchange programs with universities abroad. Some of our degree programs are taught partly in English; you can even take your entire degree program in this language.


The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya officially began its academic activities in October 1997. Organic Law 11/1983 on University Reform, (LRU) along with the 26/1984 Parliament of Catalonia Law, established the appropriate legal framework for the establishment of a university with the capacity to award official degree certificates. The Fundación Familiar Catalana (Catalan Family Foundation) took on full responsibility for carrying out this academic project.

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Top reasons why a student should consider studying at UIC Barcelona

  1. International experience in one of the most exciting cities in the world: Barcelona
  2. Highly qualified professors and professionals that love to teach with an international mindset
  3. Official Degrees and Practical training
  4. International internships
  5. A high rate of employability
  6. The optimal way to improve language skills
  7. Personal coaching and advice for all programs and to all students
  8. Networking and contacts
  9. Developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  10. Continue education: Master, postgraduate and Ph.D. programs


Accommodation: If you require accommodation during your time at the university you will be able to apply for student residences, apartments, and rooms that have been specially designed for your needs.

Sports: Studying at UIC Barcelona means evolving overall as a person. We encourage students to be involved in sports and physical activities. The university promotes and organizes sports activities, competitions and provides discounts and other advantages to students so that they can have access to other facilities and organizations in Barcelona.

Coaching and counseling: Counseling and coaching services designed for students to achieve their personal and professional challenges.

Student Life

Students Services: helps you to achieve what is most important: your personal goals.

It organizes a wide range of cultural, sports-related, social and academic activities. The service provides information and guidance about academic, administrative and extracurricular issues in the university.

The UIC's Student Services is in charge of informing and advising university students about how to manage their paperwork and also other extracurricular issues.

Alumni: UIC Barcelona relays its academic philosophy to society through its community of 12.000 graduates. This philosophy is excellence at work, the individual placed at the center of everything, the desire to serve and the constant search for truth.

Programs taught in:
  • English
  • Spanish (Spain)

This school also offers:


International University of Catalonia

The Master's Degree in Research in Dentistry at the International University of Catalonia (Spain) aims to offer a blended learning, structured training for research in bo ... [+]

The Master's Degree in Research in Dentistry at the International University of Catalonia (Spain) aims to offer a blended learning, structured training for research in both the academic, industrial and clinical settings.

The Faculty of Dentistry (U.I.C.) advances every day in the field of basic and applied research, looking results with clinical responses to improve the efficiency of materials and techniques. This Master aims to deepen the research training and preparation prior to doctoral studies through a series of areas in which to fund advanced training topics are addressed in the current investigation of the different dental specialties.

Through the research of the Departments of the Faculty of Dentistry, the close relationship with the Industry in the implementation of projects and equipping research laboratories create the right context to achieve this advanced training in Research in Dentistry.... [-]

Spain Barcelona
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1 year
Online & Campus Combined
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International University of Catalonia

We offer you the chance to take part in the first architecture program that explores the subject from a biological and digital perspective. An avant-garde syllabus and a ... [+]

Discover Biodigital Architecture

We offer you the chance to take part in the first architecture program that explores the subject from a biological and digital perspective. An avant-garde syllabus and a new, 21st-century concept at your fingertips.

You will have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art technology with new production possibilities. And a whole new world of tools will open up to you, enhancing your professional qualifications and job skills.

Are you ready to see the possibilities awaiting you in the field of digital architecture?

Why choose Biodigital Architecture? Innovative education. Experiment with genetic-driven software, evolutionary processes, emerging systems, and scripting. A new vision of cybernetic-digital and environmental processes. Explore concepts such as bio-learning and morphogenesis. The international approach and premier academic staff. Learn with an international teaching body which has made significant contributions to this new cutting-edge field of biodigital architecture. Presentation ... [-]
Spain Barcelona
September 2019
1 year
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