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10 MSc Programs in Health Care Reproductive Medicine Midwifery 2024



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MSc Programs in Health Care Reproductive Medicine Midwifery

A Master of Science (MSc) degree typically takes one to two years to complete. It may be comprised of course work, research or both, and usually requires a thesis. Graduates of a bachelor program are eligible to enroll.

What is an MSc in Midwifery? An MSc in Midwifery is a master-level degree that, when a graduate earns it and passes state certification requirements, enables a person to practice midwifery. The course of study usually includes advanced nursing studies, focusing on caring for the obstetric and gynecologic needs of women, childbirth and care of newborn children. Classroom-based coursework is combined with laboratory work. Many programs also require supervised clinical practice.

Midwives are known for their compassion and quality of care for their patients. By taking an MSc in Midwifery, graduates can put their knowledge and skills to work caring for women and children. At a master level, midwives typically earn a very strong salary, and job growth is projected to increase over the next decade.

The financial cost differs from one institution to the next, depending on the country the university is located in and the length of the degree program. Prospective students should contact interesting schools and ask about specific costs.

Most midwife careers are in a clinic, birthing center or hospital. Midwives see patients regularly to monitor them while they are expecting a baby. Delivering babies is perhaps the most exciting and rewarding part of this job. Some midwives may choose to enter a doctorate program after earning an MSc in Midwifery. Entering the fields of research and education is also an option.

While choosing a program close to home may the most economical option, many students choose to go where the program that best meets their needs is located. For more information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.