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Health Care Programs in Health Care Allied Healthcare Medical Imaging Mammography

What is a Mammography?
A mammography (also called a mammogram) is an X-ray examination of the breasts used to detect and diagnose breast diseases. They are also used in medicine to screen for breast cancer, diagnose it, or monitor its changes.

What jobs can I get in Mammography?
Mammographers are healthcare professionals who specialize in the use of X-rays to produce images of the breasts. They work in hospitals, clinics, or private practices with other professionals, such as radiologists. Some mammographers also teach courses at colleges and universities.

How do I become a Mammographer?
To become a mammographer, you must complete an accredited training program. Mammography programs typically last two to four years and include anatomy, physiology, medical imaging, and radiation safety coursework. After completing a training program, depending on the country, you could be eligible to take a mammography certification exam. Once you have passed the exam and obtained your certification, you can apply for jobs as a mammographer.

What will I study during my Mammography degree?
Students will learn about the physics of X-rays, the anatomy and physiology of the breast, and how to operate mammography equipment. They will also study breast cancer detection and diagnosis and methods for reducing radiation exposure.