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Warwick Medical School MSci Integrated Natural Sciences
Warwick Medical School

MSci Integrated Natural Sciences

Coventry, United Kingdom

4 Years


Full time

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GBP 9,250 / per year *


* annually for home students; £21,220: annually for overseas students. Additional fees & costs may apply


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Our primary goal with this innovative course is to strengthen you as a scientist, by training you across disciplines. Using a blend of classroom instruction, team-based problem solving (problem-sets), team-based laboratory work and individual study, we will teach you to think creatively and quantitatively, formulate unsolved problems, and work to create effective solutions by drawing freely on the methods and perspectives of different scientific disciplines.

Scientists ask questions about how the world works – especially the natural world – and then work to answer those questions using cycles of conjecture and experiment. Human curiosity leads us to ask basic questions. What is life? What distinguishes the living from the non-living? How do cells work? What causes disease?

MSci Integrated Science aims to equip you to pose and answer scientific questions by drawing freely on the methods and mindsets of mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and computation. By combining the strengths of Warwick’s Medical School (WMS) and the School of Life Sciences (SLS), this new course offers you unique opportunities to develop yourself as a scientist.

Why study Health and Medical Sciences at Warwick?

  • Driven by active researchers.
  • Supports students to conduct original research into unsolved scientific problems from day one.
  • “Anti-disciplinary” – incorporates principles from biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computing, and teaches students to move confidently across disciplinary boundaries.
  • Equips students with practical experimental skills and analytical thinking skills needed to ‘do’ science.
  • Blends classes, team-based problem solving, original lab-based research and individual study.
  • Incorporates MATLAB and Python e-labs, equipping students with essential computer coding skills.



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