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ISMET - Formación en salud y terapias naturales Diploma in Orthomolecular Nutrition
ISMET - Formación en salud y terapias naturales

Diploma in Orthomolecular Nutrition

10 Months


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  • Face-to-face edition: from September 2018 to June 2019
  • Online edition: from October 2018 to July 2019
  • Duration: 10 months

In Spain we have two large Fairs of the Natural Therapies sector, such as Expo EcoSalud and BioCultura; as well as Infarma in Madrid and Barcelona. Year after year the number of attendees as exhibitors is increasing due to the increased interest of young people and families for a healthier diet and a healthier health care without side effects. Proof of this is the growing number of companies in the food, naturist and pharmaceutical sectors that are offering the market products that coexist with this new philosophy of healthy and healthy life and at the same time the Spanish television networks are broadcasting programs that promote a life healthy.

Orthomolecular therapy is not a new therapy. The word orthomolecular was used for the first time by Linus Pauling, double Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1954 and peace in 1962. Pauling was one of the first to describe the structure of DNA and defined orthomolecular medicine as a way to "preserve health and treat diseases by administering the optimal amount of molecules that are necessary for the organism. " On the other hand, Dr. Kousmine began to work on nutritional supplementation in 1949 with patients with multiple sclerosis, cancer, chronic polyarthritis ...

After two decades the medical association Kousime International was created and then the Kousmine Foundation, which integrates prestigious doctors. Jean Seignalet, doctor of medicine, is the author of more than two hundred publications in major medical journals in English and French, and author of the book Food, the third medicine. He developed an entire strategy successfully applied to thousands of patients, based on food correction and the simultaneous supply of essential nutrients. If we rely on the Enide survey made by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety we can see that the Spanish population is overfed but at the same time undernourished, with deficiencies of certain essential nutrients, and therefore, depending on the cases, it is necessary to provide specific nutritional supplements . Whenever nutritional recommendations and nutritional supplements are established, they should be individualized and should be done, as explained by the Spanish Association of Orthomolecular Nutrition (Aentoc) , through a diagnosis and an individual nutritional assessment of each person. Based on specific analytics, deficiencies and nutritional deficiencies are determined and in this way the professional can recommend the nutritional supplements that each person needs.

Therefore, this program seeks that people who develop it acquire some knowledge about orthomolecular therapy to know its positive effects as well as its contraindications according to the person taking into account that more and more pharmacies and parapharmacies offer these nutritional supplements.

You can apply for the validation of credits for the Master's degree in Naturopathy and Parapharmacy (60 ECTS), for the university degree of expert in naturopathic diet therapy and orthomolecular nutrition (30 ECTS), or for the university degree of expert in orthomolecular nutrition ( 24 ECTS); as long as the admission requirements of each title are met.

Access requirements

a) Students with a university degree (Diploma, Bachelor or Degree in any field of knowledge): provide a certified photocopy of the title or, failing that, a certified or original photocopy of the payment of the fees for issue of the degree. For students coming from a country that is not a member of the Treaty of Bologna, they must provide the title or the certificate of completion of the studies with the apostille of the beech.

b) Students without university degree: the profile of the candidate will be evaluated by an academic committee to decide if the student is admitted or not to the program.

Addressed to

This academic program is aimed at those interested in joining natural therapies as a work tool in a consultation.

Aimed at university graduates in health sciences (medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing, psychology, nutrition and dietetics, among others); as well as other university degree graduates wishing to enter the knowledge of medicinal plants as a complement to their skills as may be the case of graduates in sports science. It is also aimed at professionals of the training cycles of medium and higher level in the area of ​​dietetics and nutrition and the health area.

Directed also for those people who can not accredit a regulated, official studies and that through a previous interview with the studies tutor assess the possibility of developing the program so that finally the university of its final resolution.

Professional outings

Work in natural therapy centers, polyclinics with health professionals, wellness centers, rehabilitation centers, spas, gyms, spas, tour operators such as cruise ships, hotels. In aesthetic clinics, in residences or day centers for the elderly. Food processing industries and laboratories manufacturers of nutritional supplements. Consultancy consulting firms in the field of food, nutrition and dietetics. Collective canteens, catering services, hotels, day care centers, schools, residences for the elderly. Gyms and aesthetic clinics and personal image. Centers for the prevention and treatment of eating disorders (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating ...). In parapharmacies, pharmacies and dietetic establishments, in addition to large surfaces.

Objectives and competencies

The general objective is to get enough knowledge to be able to elaborate from the base, which will be a correct diet, the necessary support with nutritional supplements in large doses, and when necessary, to obtain the optimum nutritional levels required in a person to prevent or treat pathologies For this, it will be necessary, on the one hand, to identify the common syndromes of nutritional deficiencies and, on the other hand, to know the function in the human organism of each of the aforementioned nutrients, the potential indications of its use as a dietary supplement, its levels of recommended intake, interactions, precautions and contraindications, if any.

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