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International University Of The Health Sciences (IUHS)

International University Of The Health Sciences (IUHS)

International University Of The Health Sciences (IUHS)


We are a global medical educational institution that incorporates the most updated, effective teaching methods, combined with a “hands on” Integrated clinical medicine program that spans throughout our preclinical curriculum.

​Utilising up to date modern technology and incorporating it with local medical facilities enables IUHS to extend its reach not just across states but also across borders. This allows an advanced learning environment to be created almost anywhere.

​IUHS graduates are licensed and practicing throughout Canada, in over 28 states in the United States and many countries throughout the world.

Medical Education for the 21st Century

Distributed Learning - There is no reason for students to uproot and relocate to attend medical school any longer. Modern medical educators engage students through a network of clinical facilities and faculty as well as learning technology.

Live multi-platform lectures allow students to engage more extensively than in a traditional classroom. Students can interact with the professor, teaching assistants and fellow classmates in a safe, less intimidating learning environment. Learning platforms allows students the freedom to interact and collaborate with each other and those teaching them without bias, or prejudice.

Mentored and precepted preclinical clinical skills activities and Clerkship rotations provide the vital one-on-one teaching of traditional medicine. IUHS offers education that is focused on education without distraction.

Our idea of the Flipped Classroom: IUHS professors no longer lead didactic lectures. All block foundational material is offered for preview prior to the class sessions which are run in problem solving and question and answer session format. This method does away with the old fashioned Flexnarian sessions allowing students immediate access to core concepts. This way students come to class prepared and allows more time for productive interaction.

This system provides students with more learning contact hours and provides the opportunity to lead and become educators themselves.

Best Professors in the Industry – Because IUHS professors can teach from any location, our professors are highly sought after top educators in their field. All IUHS professors also teach at US or Canadian Medical schools. As an IUHS student you get an education and equal to (or better) than the standards of U.S. and Canadian medical schools.

IUHS is a leader in distributed education and has partnered with top medical schools and educational teaching technology corporations to develop and incorporate the most innovative and effective teaching and learning technologies in the Industry.


Deciding to study medicine is a big decision.

Applying to medical school should not be a big process!

IUHS streamlines the process with an easy online application and document upload that you can take your time doing. Even the people writing your Letters of Recommendation can simply click on the Letters Of Recommendation tab to fill a simple form or upload their letter.

IUHS offers a BSc-MD pathway for students who have little or no post-secondary education in the prerequisites.

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