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Hubei University of Medicine Biomedical Engineering
Hubei University of Medicine

Biomedical Engineering

Shiyan, China

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Sep 2023

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Established in March 2011, The School of Biomedical Engineering consists of 3 basic disciplines; medical imaging, medical laboratory science, and bioscience. The School of Biomedical Engineering runs 5 departments; the Department of Medical Imaging No.1-3, the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, and the Department of Bioscience. The School of Biomedical Engineering can grant bachelor’s degrees in Medicine as well as Science. Biomedical Engineering offers both 5-year and 4-year programs, and consists of 23 teaching and research offices and laboratories.

The School of Biomedical Engineering is supported the affiliated hospitals; Taihe hospital, Dongfeng Hospital, People’s Hospital, the Reproductive Medicine Center, the Life Science Institute, the Clinical Medicine Institute and the Organ Transplant Institute, and is supported by its excellent teaching team. The School has 1 Outstanding Teacher and 3 with State Council Special Allowance. The Department of Biomedical Engineering employs 117 teachers who hold doctorate or master’s degree, and 10 experts who have been appointed as master supervisors. As the second largest school at Hubei University of Medicine, the total number of students in the programs is over 1600. Hubei University of Medicine works with 20 3-A level hospitals located in Hubei, Shanxi, Henan, Guangdong and Shanghai as teaching and practice hospitals.

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