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Euroinnova International Online Education Master in Nutritional Naturopathy
Euroinnova International Online Education

Master in Nutritional Naturopathy

Atarfe, Spain

760 Hours


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Take our course and you will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, which will allow you to become a specialist in Nutritional Naturopathy, dietetics and herbodietics, thus training you to be able to develop professionally in this sector, as a qualified professional for it.

Master in Nutritional Naturopathy

Food is a fundamental aspect in our day to day since it conditions us in multiple ways such as physical development, health, performance and productivity. In addition to the multiple benefits at the mental level it provides.

Currently, in Western countries there are some health problems due to lack of nutrients, however, in the vast majority of diseases they occur due to excess of others: excess calories, saturated fat and cholesterol, protein, sugar and salt.

What can I learn with the Master in Nutritional Naturopathy?

With this Master in Nutritional Naturopathy you will get to know in a professional way the technique and methods for health tablecloth, as well as the prevention of deficiency diseases or excess.

This training will train you at a professional level from the perspective of the naturist, you will be able to know each appropriate treatment based on the needs that each person presents. You will also be able to know specific knowledge about the different nutritional requirements, as well as energy needs. You will also be able to know and identify possible risks, whether they are deficiencies, or on the contrary, excesses. In short, at the end of the innovative Master in Nutritional Naturopathy you will be able to develop specific healthy and balanced diets according to the needs to be covered.

What are the professional opportunities of the Nutritional Naturopathy Master?

  • Private naturopathic consultation.
  • Herbalism centers or herbalists.
  • Pharmacies and Parapharmacies.
  • Beauty and aesthetic centers.
  • Spas and Spas.
  • Diet counseling centers.
  • Gyms and hotels.
  • Natural health centers.

What is naturopathy for?

Naturopathy seeks that the organism of each human being can find a way of self-healing due to the various natural means that are used for this, it could be said that with naturopathy it is sought to train the organism so that it is only capable and can eliminate something that hurts you. Homeostasis or self-regulation, is the state that seeks to find the body through natural medicine in order to be a self-healing method, within naturopathy it is understood that poor health.

Functions in naturopathy:

  • Massages
  • Hydrotherapy, for example, to improve blood circulation.
  • Teach the patient exercises and relaxation techniques.
  • Herbal medicine.

With the innovative master you can learn everything about alternative medicine through the didactic units. For example, during didactic unit 1 you will be able to delve into the concept of nutritional naturopathy. On the other hand, in module 2 you can address a brief introduction on behavioral disorders, eating behavior, as well as homeopathy and herbal medicine. In addition, in module 3, experts in medicinal plants will be able to learn more professionally everything about homeopathy and different evaluation tests through a table of compositions that is used for the recommended intakes on food labels. Do not miss this opportunity and enroll with us.

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General characteristics

Summary of professional opportunities for a master's degree in nutritional naturopathy:

This Professional Pack in Dietetics and Nutrition + Naturopathy: Master in Nutritional Naturopathy (Approved) offers you specialized training in the matter. Natural medicine, naturopathy, is a pseudoscience that encompasses a series of practices or therapies with a preventive or curative intention using elements obtained from nature with a low or no level of processing. It is used for any alternative or complementary medicine that uses traditional or non-industrial remedies, such as medicinal plants. This Master of Nutritional Naturopath offers the necessary training to be a technician in nutritional naturopathy. If you are looking for courses and masters to specialize in dietetics from the point of view of organic and natural food, you cannot miss this opportunity. With this master's degree you will be able to complete and update your knowledge about alternative medicine and nutritional coaching, specializing in dietetics and herbodietics, alternative therapies, etc. In addition, you will receive an accredited university degree in public administration examinations and job boards, valid throughout the country. Do not wait any longer, contact us to receive detailed information and without obligation.

Objectives of master in nutritional naturopathy:

This master's degree in nutritional naturopathy offers professionals of alternative therapies and alternative medicine the appropriate knowledge to specialize in one of the disciplines with the greatest demand today, dietetics. Through these courses, students will be able to carry out nutritional coaching functions and offer advice on nutrition to their patients. For this, the following objectives are established:

  • Raise awareness about the preventive nature that optimal nutrition has on health.
  • Know reasonably the energy and nutritional needs of the body.
  • Study the nutritional aspects, sources and recommended intakes of the different nutrients.
  • Define the nutritional needs in the different stages of life, physiological states and the most common diseases for which a nutritional intervention can improve the diagnosis.
  • Present the importance of nutritional education as a generator of healthy eating patterns.
  • Offer the necessary knowledge to participate in the planning of balanced menus in their energy and nutritional intake for communities.
  • Offer an approach to the main concepts of dietetics and nutrition, applied to the diet of people who perform some type of sports activity at a higher or lower level.
  • Present the nutritional aspects of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.
  • Know the specific nutritional needs of people who practice sports.
  • Provide the necessary knowledge to develop an adequate food plan for people who perform any sporting activity, either professionally or simply or as a measure to keep fit.
  • Classify foods and nutrients appropriately.
  • Describe the process of digestion.
  • Estimate individual nutritional needs.
  • Determine the concept of coaching and its benefits.
  • Prevent the possible risks related to the coaching process.
  • Plan a coaching process.
  • Perform the recognition of a person and interpret the signs that allow to establish a diagnosis.
  • Knowing how to apply which therapy or combination of therapies is the most appropriate for each case based on the specific circumstances of each patient.
  • Guide and advise those who require their services, responding confidently to any questions that may arise.

Professional opportunities for a master's degree in nutritional naturopathy:

Thanks to this master's degree, students will be able to work as a Nutritional Naturopath in their Own Consultation, and / or as a Nutritional Advisor - Nutritional Coach, offering advice on food, dietetics and herbodietics. You can open your own herbalist or parapharmacy or develop a career working for others in: Pharmacies, Clinics, Phytotherapy, Herbalists, Naturopathic Consultations, Spas, Sports Centers, Aesthetic Centers and Health Centers.

What the master in nutritional naturopathy prepares you for:

This Professional Pack in Dietetics and Nutrition + Naturopathy: Master in Nutritional Naturopathy (Approved) prepares you to obtain training in naturopathy, knowing the diverse human anatomy and physiology from a practical application; approaching the world of homeopathy and herbal medicine; making known the different medicinal plants and offering training in dietetics and nutrition: diet therapy, you will also learn to try to correct internal imbalances that favor the establishment of diseases in patients. Also sign up for FREE as a Naturopath in APENB.

Who is the master in nutritional naturopathy aimed at:

The following Professional Pack in Dietetics and Nutrition + Naturopathy: Master in Nutritional Naturopathy (Approved) is aimed at Pharmacists, Nurses, Pharmacy and Nursing Assistants / Physiotherapists / Naturopaths or any other health or non-health person who wants to train and obtain a PACK of University Degrees. In general, it is aimed at all those who want to complete or develop their knowledge of alternative therapies and alternative medicine, specializing in food, herbodietics and dietetics, and obtain an approved university degree in public examinations and job vacancies.

Official nature of the training:

This training is not included within the scope of official regulated training (Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Official Vocational Training FP, Baccalaureate, University Degree, Official University Master and Doctorate). It is therefore a complementary and / or specialization training, aimed at the acquisition of certain skills, abilities or aptitudes of a professional nature, which can be assessed as a merit in job boards and / or competitive examinations, always within the Training section. Complementary and / or Continuous Training, it is always essential to review the specific requirements for the assessment of the specific public job bank to which we wish to apply.

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