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Charles University First Faculty of Medicine PhD in Immunology
Charles University First Faculty of Medicine

PhD in Immunology

Prague, Czech Republic

4 Years


Full time

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CZK 150,000 / per year *

Blended, On-Campus

* online application fee: 720 CZK


Immunology is a dynamically evolving discipline integrating the knowledge of molecular and cell biology, physiology, histology, and functional morphology (in the context of evolution and ontogenesis) relevant to the immune system, a self-defense unit composed of functionally interacting molecules, cells, and tissues involved in immune responses. Immunology outputs show a major impact in a multitude of biomedical fields today. Topics such as transplantation, allergy, immune deficiency, autoimmunity, immunosuppression, immunotherapy, or anti-tumor immunity are typical areas of interest to immunologists. Immunology covers all levels of biological knowledge from molecules (cytokines, immunoglobulins, receptors, signaling molecules), cells (a wide array of immunocompetent cells), whole organisms (having transgenic animal models in use and interaction with the immune system is being investigated), and communities (evolution of immune mechanisms, e.g. frequencies of different alleles regulating the immune response within a population). Clinical immunology is an important emancipated immunology specialization, for which the human immune system is the object of studies, and understanding the mechanism of its action leads to the development of potential therapeutic applications.

According to article 3, paragraph 1, second sentence of the Code of Admission Procedure of Charles University, this program of study is offered without specialization.



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