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Cardiff University BSc Medicinal Chemistry
Cardiff University

BSc Medicinal Chemistry

Cardiff, United Kingdom

3 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

GBP 28,200 / per year *


* for overseas | for home year two and three: £9,250 / year one: £9,000


This three-year course provides a broad introduction to the main areas of chemistry in the first year then in subsequent years specialises in the chemistry and transferable skills needed in the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout your studies, you will spend many hours in our labs gaining hands-on experience in the techniques of drug synthesis and testing and developing your research, mathematical and computational skills. You will also learn about leadership, management and project planning. In the final year, you will have the opportunity to specialise in an area that is interesting or important to you through an original project.

Why study this course

Medicinal Chemistry is a forward-thinking degree course, that considers the problems of the future, links with industry and extends beyond the lab to cover areas such as business, marketing, and sustainability.

Future-Proof Training

A forward-thinking course providing future-proof training for a wide range of careers.

Gain Skills Society Needs

Study important topics such as creating vaccines for current and future pandemics, and creating sustainable pharmaceuticals that are kind to the planet and affordable for all.

Learn Beyond the Lab

Step beyond the lab into areas like project management, business, ​marketing, finance, operations, strategy, sustainability, leadership and more.


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