Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine


We provide cutting-edge instruction in human anatomy to medical students, graduate students, and undergraduate students. It is also the home of international research programs in paleontology and paleobiology.

Our program leading to the Master’s of Science degree in Applied Anatomy provides rigorous training for students who aspire to careers requiring a solid foundation in human anatomy. This curriculum is ideal for students with a range of career goals, including those who will be future teachers of anatomy or who will pursue careers in medicine or other health professions or scientific fields that involve anatomy.

The MS in Applied Anatomy can be combined with the MD curriculum in a four-year joint MD-MS curriculum. This provides an enhanced background for medical students who plan to enter surgical specialties, radiology, or other fields that rely on a detailed understanding of human anatomy.

The Anatomy Department plays a primary role in educating CWRU medical students in the University Program in the anatomical sciences, including gross anatomy, histology, neuroanatomy, and embryology. These subjects are taught in large, medium, and small-group formats as well as in laboratory settings.