Carol Davila University Of Medicine And Pharmacy


The construction of the Faculty of Medicine has been completed and inaugurated on October 12th, 1903, the day that Carol Davila’s statue has been inaugurated. The initiative of building a monument for Davila was taken at the first national medical congress, held in Bucharest in October 1884. The statue, valuable work of Carol Stork, was cast in bronze in the studios of the Bucharest School of Arts and Crafts.

The inauguration of the Palace represents an important date in the evolution of the medical education in Bucharest. The new place has brought great improvements to the functioning of the laboratories, the organizing of the practical works and the entire didactical activity. For a while, it also hosted a part of the Pharmacy section.

Despite of the difficulties encountered, the national School of Medicine and Pharmacy has developed gradually, and on November 12th 1869, the establishment of the Bucharest Faculty of Medicine became possible. The Faculty opened its courses on November 22nd, 1869. It was the first faculty of medicine from the University of Bucharest, and, at the same time, in our country; through it, the medical science managed to impose itself both in Romania and outside its borders.


  • Bulevardul Eroii Sanitari,8, 050474, Bucharest