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Bachelor Programs in Health Care Global Healthcare Global Health

A bachelor’s degree is awarded to an individual once they have completed all the lower- and upper-division requirements for a chosen major. Generally speaking, bachelor’s programs should take about four years to complete.

What is a Bachelor in Global Health? Such a program is designed with a commitment to diverse perspectives, internationalization and civic engagement in mind. Throughout the duration of the program, participants may gain an in-depth understanding of the links between health and socioeconomic status, ethics, environment and culture. Courses may focus on the health of communities in low-resource regions in particular, as such regions generally see the most pressing health problems.

Individuals who obtain their degree in global health are generally very compassionate and understanding of others’ plights. Many improve their critical thinking and analysis capabilities to apply them to global issues and develop effective solutions to global healthcare crises. Each of these traits may prove to be beneficial in their personal and professional lives.

How much a person may expect to pay for his or her bachelor’s degree all depends on location and program duration. Prospective students should do their research before applying.

Individuals who major in global health may go onto pursue careers in the national and international government, healthcare, research and development, pharmaceutical or private sectors. They may become researchers, doctors, international emissaries, Peace Corps officers, human rights activists, quality assurance managers, medical device manufacturers, hospital managers or public health administrators. Their day-to-day activities may consist of caring for patients, developing health plans, advising healthcare professionals or developing innovating medical technologies and medicines.

Those interested in pursuing a Bachelor in Global Health have several options when it comes to learning institutions. Where a student ends up ultimately depends on his or her location and budget. Online courses offer the most flexibility and may be the best option. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.