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Studies in pre-veterinary medicine may appeal to students who enjoy working outdoors and receiving real-world experience in pre-veterinary medicine. Real-world experience may help a student determine which direction to pursue after taking courses in a pre-vet program.

Pre-Vet 2020

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University of Tampa College of Natural and Health Sciences

Students who are interested in going to veterinary school typically major in biology, chemistry or biochemistry. These majors include most of the required courses for ent ... [+]

Veterinary medicine is a growing field necessary in all communities. According to the Association of American Veterinary Medical College, veterinarians prevent disease and heal animals; promote the health and welfare of farm animals, exotic animals, working animals and those that need a healthy environment in which to thrive; play an important role in food safety, where epidemiological research is crucial to forecasting the threat of food-borne diseases and outbreaks; and detects and treats the outbreak of diseases that have the potential to make the jump from animals to humans.

NOTE: Pre-veterinary medicine is not a major or a program, and The University of Tampa does not have a veterinary school. Pre-vet is an interest or path students choose that advisors help guide on their journey towards applying to veterinary school.... [-]

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