Part time PhDs in Global Healthcare in Dominica 2020/2021

A PhD, or Doctorate of Philosophy, is the highest degree awarded in many academic fields. Generally requiring a research project and dissertation, as well as several years of study, a doctorate degree qualifies the holder as an expert in a chosen field.

Global health is an interdisciplinary field that reaches across the disciplines of medicine and public health into fields such as anthropology, international relations, economics, law, demography, sociology, and developmental studies. Its aim is to understand health conditions around the world and develop solutions for improving conditions and reducing disparity. 

Dominica has a competitive education system, rivaling others throughout the West. Students in this Caribbean island country could mingle with other serious students from around the world. English is the official language, but students speaking other languages may feel equally at home due to the country’s international commerce.

Part time PhD in Global Healthcare in Dominica

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Doctorate in Public Health Administration and Healthcare Administration


IUGS students are typically mid-career professionals who completed their post-baccalaureate coursework. Students who need additional coursework to fulfil their requirements wi ...

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