Masters in natural techniques applied to aesthetics and wellness


Program Description



Aesthetics and wellness are very present in our society, proof of this is the large number of aesthetic centers that offer their services throughout the Spanish territory, offering services for the personal image and the well-being of the person.

With a current academic offer based on the training courses of medium and higher level in the Spanish territory, ISMET presents a new academic offer differentiated from the current one that is aimed at this professional to discover 3 large areas (Naturopathy, Massage and Energetics) so that Incorporate them as tools to not only improve their work, but also to expand their offer of services, getting a more competitive and differentiated professional in the labor market.

Course program


  • Natural cosmetics
  • Homeopathic mesotherapy for aesthetic, cellulite, obesity and facial treatments
  • Practical application of essential oils in aesthetic treatments natural health stimuli (geotherapy and hydrotherapy)
  • Facial gymnastics
  • Naturist diet and obesity
  • Orthomolecular in aesthetics and beauty (skin, hair, nails)
  • Healthy Cooking for Slimming Diets
  • Bach flower therapy applied with topic
  • Sales of Schüssler, organotherapy and oligoterapia applied to the aesthetics
  • Aromatherapy


  • Anti-Cellulite Massage
  • Japanese facial rejuvenation massage
  • Massage with bamboo canes
  • Shiatsu applied to aesthetics
  • Massage with pindas
  • Facial massage with pindas
  • Stone Therapy
  • Massage Champi
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Multireflexological techniques for stress and nervous system


  • Overweight and emotional conflicts through the Kinegenealogy
  • Biomagnetism for health and beauty
  • Facial lifting with acupuncture, electroacupuncture and laser puncture
  • Introduction to kinesiology
  • Kinesiological test applied to diet therapy
  • Stiper puncture: acupuncture without needles
  • Suction cups for pain and aesthetics

Career prospects

Once the studies are finished, students can choose to set up a beauty and wellness center or work in them in Hotels, Spas, Spa's, gyms, tour operators as is the case of cruises, among others.

Once this training is completed, the professional will incorporate these techniques into his or her usual work space, either in his or her aesthetic and / or wellness center, in a therapy center, in a cosmetic medicine clinic or any other suitable place for the Exercise of aesthetics and wellness activity.

With this training the professional can expand his portfolio of techniques to achieve not only an increase of clients by the expanded commercial offer, but also to improve the results of his work.


After completing the master's degree (480 hours in person + 1,020 hours of personal work) and having passed the evaluation tests, two diplomas will be processed issued by:

  • UCAM - Catholic University of Murcia in its own Master in Natural Techniques Applied to Aesthetics and Wellness (60 ECTS credits). Own title.
  • ISMET in "Master in Natural Techniques Applied to Aesthetics and Wellness" (own and private title).

Access to studies

You must meet at least one of the two:

  • Official university degree (Diploma, degree, degree) in any area of ​​knowledge or
  • Work experience of at least 5 years in the area of ​​study (admission by professional experience will be evaluated by a committee between ISMET and UCAM, to validate the same to enroll in this program)


Students of ISMET have a tutor, who can attend in case of changes in schedules, difficulty in tracking subjects, personalized advice, professional development, among others.

Additional services

Promotions and special prices in other courses. Computer room with internet connection. Service sale material. Special promotions at the ISMET Therapy Center. Academic counseling by the study tutor. Practical therapies for students. ISMETalumni, alumni association. Job exchange. Advice in the exercise of the profession in the fiscal, labor, accounting, marketing, communication, LOPD, CPR insurance, others.

Face-to-face mode

Weekly in morning, afternoon or Saturday. Intensive in mornings. The subject of Health Sciences can be taken in online mode (blended). Possibility of combining several modalities.

Last updated Mar 2020

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«Si te gusta el sector de la salud, asistir a personas para prevenir y tratar patologías, la investigación o cualquier actividad relacionada con las terapias naturales, debes formarte en una escuela que te ofrezca una sólida formación para tu futuro profesional.» Read less
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