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Top MScs in Biomedical Science in North America 2019

Studying biomedicine may be an ideal choice for a student seeking to pursue a job in a health-related field. Biomedicine includes the study of anatomy and physiology, and may lead to a career as a biologist, surgeon, physician or other medical professional.

MSc in Biomedical Science in North America

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Rice University | Wiess School of Natural Sciences

This degree is geared to train students in bioscience and health policy with the intent of creating new options for science students interested in working in healthcare m ... [+]

“Science impacts public policy in all important areas and is directly impacted by policies created at the local, state, and national levels. Funding and regulation of science, technology, engineering, and math education have a major influence on the quality of the science and engineering workforce. Science is also critically needed to inform policies in areas such as energy and climate change, threats to the environment, and dealing with biological pandemics, to name a few. Sound policy-making depends on the policymakers having access to current understanding of science and technology. Thus, graduates from this program who understand science and technology are vital to the policymaking process at all levels in government. While scientists are often called upon to testify at hearings, that is no substitute for having technically competent staff and officials who interact with the creation of policies daily. Since government policies influence the business world, companies will need graduates from this program who understand the technical issues as well as the policy-making process.”... [-]

USA Houston
August 2020
2 years
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