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A bachelor is a degree that can be obtained after three to four years of study. Completing a bachelor’s degree may provide graduates with more career opportunities and the chance to earn more money in their lifetime.

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Specialist in Pharmaceutics

Belgorod National Research University
Campus Full-time 5 years September 2020 Russia Belgorod

The Specialist degree program in Pharmaceutics combines research and practice and deals with drug design, search for natural sources and synthesis of medicinal substances, research of such substances, as well as issues of manufacturing, storage, dispensing and marketing.

Bachelor Degree of Respiratory Therapy

Batterjee Medical College
Campus Full-time 5 years September 2020 Saudi Arabia Jeddah

Our program's mission is to offer an academic program in respiratory care with high-quality graduates who meet the expectations of the communities of interest served by the program, to establish and maintain an outstanding regional reputation and to conduct research in respiratory care while maintaining Islamic values.

Bachelor Degree of Dentistry

Batterjee Medical College
Campus Full-time 7 years September 2020 Saudi Arabia Jeddah

Our program's mission is to educate students in the dentistry program to improve oral health and to reduce the burden of illness in society through the discovery and application of academic knowledge that embraces craniofacial health and disease prevention.

Bachelor Degree of Medicine

Batterjee Medical College
Campus Full-time 7 years September 2020 Saudi Arabia Jeddah

Our program's mission is to provide a distinguished medical education, innovative research and community services, within a framework of ethics and values of the profession.

Initial training of Osteopath

ESO Paris - École Supérieure d’Ostéopathie
Campus Full-time 3 - 5 years September 2020 France Champs-sur-Marne

The preparatory training for an osteopath follows the timetable for higher education. Each cycle incorporates regular knowledge acquisition assessments. The training complies with WHO (World Health Organization) standards and European standards.

Degree in Health Management

Atlântica University
Campus Full-time Part-time 3 years Request Info Portugal Barcarena + 1 more

Health is the single major industry in the World and national health systems are the biggest employers in all developed nations.

Bachelor in Pharmacy

Voronezh State University
Campus Full-time 5 years September 2020 Russia Voronezh

Pharmacist training high quality at Voronezh State University is ensured by advanced training technologies, scientific and innovative work effective organization and by on-the-job training realization for future pharmacists. Faculty graduates are guaranteed competitive advantages that are necessary for successful competition in the labour market and for further professional development.

Bachelor of Dermal Sciences

Victoria University
Campus Online 4 years Request Info Australia Melbourne

Enter a new and exciting industry with a Dermal Sciences degree at VU. Graduates provide competent, efficient and compassionate clinical care in the dermal profession.

Bachelor in Nursing

Hasan Kalyoncu University
Campus Full-time 4 years Open Enrollment Turkey Gaziantep

The undergraduate programs in the Nursing program study of theory, research, clinical practice and community service. Dedicated to the highest professional standards, these programs will instill in you an appreciation for cultural diversity and an understanding of the different applications of healthcare in a wide range of settings.

Bachelor in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Hasan Kalyoncu University
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2020 Turkey Gaziantep

As a graduate in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Program, you will have an in-depth knowledge of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system and other health impairment mechanisms.


Husson University
Campus 4 years September 2020 USA Husson Area

With a 100% job placement rate, small class sizes, and the best value in Maine, Husson University’s PharmD program has what you need to succeed in the country’s third largest health profession.

Bachelor's Degree in Public Health

Goodwin College
Campus Full-time 6 - 9 semesters Open Enrollment USA East Hartford

With today’s lightning-fast advancements in travel and technology, the most remote corners of the globe can seem as close as next door. And along with these exciting opportunities for increased contact comes the serious responsibility of safeguarding our public health.

Bachelor's Degree in Health Science

Goodwin College
Campus Full-time 6 - 9 semesters Open Enrollment USA East Hartford

Our bachelor’s degree in Health Science is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide career advancement opportunities to entry-level health professional practitioners as well as to individuals just beginning their careers in health care.

Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering

National Technical University Of Ukraine
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2020 Ukraine Kyiv

The biomedical engineering industry is growing rapidly and is one of the most promising areas of engineering future. Biomedical Engineering opens new opportunities for career growth and professional development. Department of Biomedical Engineering (FBMI) - one of the youngest faculties of NTU "KPI", arose in response to the challenge of the time.

Bachelor in Medical and Health Services Management

American National University
Campus Online Full-time September 2020 USA Salem USA Online + 1 more

The Medical and Health Services Management bachelor's degree provides health care practitioners, holding an associate's degree in an allied health field, with the skills and competencies needed to function as managers and supervisors in healthcare settings.