Bachelors in Dental Surgery in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

A bachelor is a degree that can be obtained after three to four years of study. Completing a bachelor’s degree may provide graduates with more career opportunities and the chance to earn more money in their lifetime.

Dental surgery, sometimes referred to as oral surgery, involves several areas of specialization, generally referring to aspects of the face, such as the mouth, teeth, and jaws. Educational preparation for this type of work often begins with a basis in science and work in a laboratory.

The universities in the capital of Malaysia are known for their affiliations with various international universities and good ranking. This makes getting international and higher education cheaper and better. It has some worthy universities such as the University of Malaysia and University of Kuala Lumpur.

Top Bachelor in Dental Surgery in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

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Bachelor of Dental Surgery

5 years

The IMU Dentistry programme provides a choice of 2 tracks for students. The first track is implemented jointly by the IMU, Malaysia, in collaboration with English-speaking ove ...

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