Bachelor health technology (ba)


Program Description

In the healthcare industry increasingly powerful devices and systems are used; with innovative information technology to optimize communication and networking of different areas. This development does not stop in front of home care. But the medical technology sector together with a total turnover of around EUR 22 billion and nearly 113,000 employees (Source: SPECTARIS Yearbook: The German Medical Technology Industry 2011) a cornerstone of the German economy. To plan the use of expensive equipment and IT systems efficiently and accompany specialists are needed who are familiar with both the technical and the economic processes in the industry.

The program Health Technology Management (B. A.) It forms exactly to this interdisciplinary specialist. As health technology managers They are ideally qualified to develop strategic concepts of use for preventive, outpatient and inpatient care structures, not only reduce costs, but also bring competitive advantages.

Key qualifications

The use of modern health technology is at the heart of this unique in Germany degree program. The Bachelor Health Technology Management (B. A.) They are focused on the technology needs in the healthcare industry. In studying health economic content with basics of IT and processes medical are combined to thus borne of an aging society and an ever more sophisticated medical quality care bill.

Study contents

The Bachelor Health Technology Management (B. A.) forming specialists with an eye for collaborative processes. Under the exactly developed for the needs of the market are sold at the curriculum APOLLON University the ability to use health technology optimally in patient care. Here you can gaze across the Medical Device Technology goes beyond and also includes IT multimedia technology and industry-related logistics processes with a. All contents are specifically described and tested based on application and case studies from practice.

It focuses on the topics that you need to have in view as a health technology manager always:

  • Health Economics
  • Use and application fields of IKMT systems
  • Conditions, possibilities and limitations of medical technology
  • E-Health Management
  • Assistive health technology (AAL)

These four areas of expertise are compacted by studying a unique cross-section of knowledge that empowers you to implement health technologies for cost, from patients and from logistics point of view optimally.

admission requirements

The requirements for admission to bachelor studies are regulated by the Higher Education Act Bremische (BremHG). Then you can study under certain conditions without high school qualifications.


at any time


At the end of the course you will acquire the internationally recognized Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) in the Department of Technology and Logistics. This degree makes you a first-class interface manager with industry-specific business and technology expertise.

Duration of study

Control study 36 months or 48 months (180 credits).

test study

By registering at the APOLLON Hochschule You can test for 4 weeks studying for free. Within this period, you can login at any time revoke. then no costs arise for you.


The Bachelor Programme in Health Technology (BA) is certified by the International Agency for quality assurance and accreditation of study programs and institutions (FIBAA).

Free extension

Up to 50% of the chosen study variant (18 or 24 months).

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Seit ihrer Gründung im Herbst 2005 hat sich die staatlich anerkannte APOLLON Hochschule der Gesundheitswirtschaft auf Fernstudiengänge (Bachelor, Master und Zertifikatskurse) für das Gesundheitswesen ... Read More

Seit ihrer Gründung im Herbst 2005 hat sich die staatlich anerkannte APOLLON Hochschule der Gesundheitswirtschaft auf Fernstudiengänge (Bachelor, Master und Zertifikatskurse) für das Gesundheitswesen spezialisiert. Die mehrfach ausgezeichnete Hochschule mit Sitz in Bremen gehört zur leistungsstarken Klett Gruppe, zu der auch die Euro-FH gehört. Die junge Hochschule freut sich über zahlreiche Auszeichnungen wie z.B. "beliebteste Fernhochschule" und "Fernkurs des Jahres 2014"... Read less
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