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Program Description


Health and care management

to ensure an optimum supply for the sick and in need of care, provides the healthcare stakeholders with complex requirements. Demands of a modern society to a high quality health care to be met. Diseases and care to take, at the same time the lack of qualified nursing and management staff is increasing. To face these challenges and find solutions, the task of the health and care managers is / -Innen. The program provides the necessary professional knowledge, skills and abilities.

study objectives

You get by studying management competencies in health care and include efficient approaches, methods and tools of human resource management and development team to implement.

They are trained academically and can align the nursing task fields of content, shape, monitor and further develop in the future in a healthcare facility. Here analyze and manage processes and can implement business planning and costing.

The training assistance of study is carried out in close cooperation with vocational schools. In addition to the academic degree "Bachelor of Arts" will acquire a degree in Caregiver / in, health and nursing / in or as a health and pediatric nurses / in.


beginning: October 1 (in the winter term)

Duration of study: Depending on prior learning 5 or 9 semesters

cost example: During training 205.00 euros per month or part-time 369,00 Euro per month

financingEg student loans, KfW Student Loan, DKB student loan, scholarship, etc. We are happy to help!

Graduation: Bachelor of Arts (BA)

access: College admission or authorization on a mind. two years of vocational training and then three years of full-time job in a field relevant to the study area. In the accompanying training form the (technical) secondary school and a training course must be demonstrated.

Application: Online application via the website

  • CV and a digital passport photograph
  • Certificates (certified)
  • Validation of previous activities (certified)


The Acre College of Human Sciences is a nationally recognized private university based in Berlin. The undergraduate programs offered in Emergency Practitioner, Health Education, Gesundheitsund Care Management and International emergency and disaster relief.

Small seminar groups, practical projects and professional and personal service characterize the study. Our students come from different organizations and healthcare companies.


The study prepares you for specialist and managerial positions in the health care sector. The necessary scientific basis and professional knowledge, skills and methods are taught in this course. parallel for beginners takes place the training in cooperation with vocational schools in the elderly, health care and nursing or health and pediatric nursing.

Your career opportunities

With the bachelor's degree program receive the academic, internationally recognized degree. The Bachelor allows you entry into a leadership role in health management or study at Masters level continue.

Your career opportunities include:

  • Management tasks in healthcare facilities
  • Care Expertise, Controlling
  • Quality and project management
  • Case management
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • People Development and Organisation

Study modules and content

It will be awarded in accordance with ECTS * 180 credit points (cp). A cp corresponds to a workload of 30 hours.

Study Phase I, inter alia in:

  • Scientific work
  • Care in Context
  • Nursing theories and nursing diagnostics
  • Basics right
  • Empirical Social Research
  • Applied Nursing Research and Epidemiology
  • practice project

Phase II study, inter alia in:

  • Public Health
  • Social and labor
  • Economics, financial planning and controlling
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Management, organization and personnel development
  • Case Management (elective course)
  • Project Management and Practice Transfer (elective)
  • Quality and Risk Management
  • Bachelor thesis

The contact to the teachers hold the most modern technology, inter alia via the Virtual Classroom.

Study forms and duration

The study is available for beginners or experienced professionals.

Education and Studies

Beginners during training in 9 semesters Our partners for training assistance variant can be found on our website listed.

Jobs and Study

Experienced part-time in 5 semesters

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About the School

Die Akkon-Hochschule ist ein Lern- und Arbeitsort, der die berufliche und persönliche Entwicklung von Lernenden und Lehrenden sowie ihr persönliches soziales Engagement unterstützt.

Die Akkon-Hochschule ist ein Lern- und Arbeitsort, der die berufliche und persönliche Entwicklung von Lernenden und Lehrenden sowie ihr persönliches soziales Engagement unterstützt. Read less